Friday, 22 February 2008

water company scamming v.a.'s part 2


Hi people

It’s Friday the 22nd Feb 2008

As ever I cannot go gently into that good night. This then is part 2 of the Welsh Water Scamming inner city poor blog.

The Capital Times came today and the scurrilous Mr. Berman has his mug plastered all over it. Pity Mr. Berman like to partake in victimizing certain tenants, see this URL on youtube regarding the fencing I have had to put up in order to stop thieves from stealing. How many times do you need to send an email regarding that before something is done First Frigging Minister?????????? After all Cardiff County Council pro rata is getting more rent from this tenancy than it would let as a house.

Say Mr. Galloway, what was the date I sent you the URL on that video???????? may 31st 2007. Well of today’s date Sweet Fanny Adams has been done about it. The geezer in the upstairs had his wheeelie Bin delivered yesterday, ‘gosh don’t they have a never ending supply of money for that guys comfort. If only he’d apply for a fence maybe it would be there tomorrow Crazydave!’ Probably, the way these Fatherless Children operate.

I see that they are also advertising the next St. David’s Day March through the city. It’s a year on officer plod, since I shouted out that Rodney Berman is a victimizer, I see that he has never once been ‘held under caution’ for that allegation, else I might just have read about it in the so-called ‘free press’ Ha!

Do I have to make the allegation again in a public place for you to take action this time, or are you all so down the road of aiding and abetting that if you did anything about that allegation it would cause serious questions regarding your lack of action in the past????????????


Yeah, in the video see URL the weekly rental the private landlord was receiving from the State in order to house three derelict was £176 per week. What did the State provide in income for the derelicts to keep themselves on, well the firs year of mine was £48 pw. Oh but you were living rent free Crazydave, community charge free. Well how about that huh!

Lets have a look at the third house along in the video shall we? The ground floor flat was occupied by another somebody nobody in their right mind would employ, why? Well she’d been abused by men, physical violence, and all that jazz. Her head was shot away, but she was a grandmother and entitled to have a room where her offspring could stay overnight. As of 1998 her rent to the private landlord was £90 pw. Given that it will soon be 20 years since she has lived there the landlord will have received from the State £93,600.00 for his investment portfolio, and she will own nothing.

Can someone tell me where is the intelligent financial management in that, all she is is a cash cow for this private landlord. The State will own no share in that property and when she passes on, it will probably be taken by yet another unable to fend for themselves in the working environment. I wonder how many properties the government could have built or bought for that kind of spend and had the mix of paying and non-paying tenants.

I wonder when some computer modeller will look at the spend by government to these private landlords over these last 40 years and see how different it all could have been if councils had compulsory purchased all of these second third or tenth properties that these property investors have been allowed to take over. What would the average rental be now? How many more paying tenants in social housing would there be, and due to that, how much less would the community charge be??????

The £93 grand over 20 years is based on his not raising the rent in the last 8 years.

I wonder when that scenario is going to be played out chief constable???? Like I wonder when you Fraud Squad are going to finally look at the Rent Revenue account and run the model of it now being in the hands of a housing association at the same rent levels???????????? Sometime never Chief Constable, white-collar crime in the public sector Chief Constable do you think it doesn’t exist??????????

All the while the Welsh Assembly government tell me that they are happy that there is a thriving private sector rental sector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will that tenant ever enjoy any of the wealth she has provided for that Landlord? No not ever, and the council employee says ‘Well he does pay tax on it’ Hello, have you got a brain????

The Social Justice minister is happy for this state of affair to continue, didn’t you Mrs Hart, the woman who lies about dealing with all her correspondence. I wonder sometimes just what during her tenure as the Justice Minister just what did Edwina Hart rule on????????????? It certainly wasn’t justice for the impoverished in Wales, or the Welsh Water Company would still not be scamming tenants in houses of multiple occupancy would they Crazydave? Oh no they would have had their butts kicked in the year 2000 when I first wrote to all 60 Assembly Members over these issue.

She also refused to offer assistance with a move to a EEC country where my drug usage isn’t criminalized and my physical health would not have deteriorated as it has. Political Asylum where my health care needs could have been treated in a holystic fashion, seeing as generally I get suicide thoughts when not under the influence of Cannabis.

I really ought to head this Judge Hickinbottom another Vulnerable Adult Abuser. He still refuses to sue me for slandering his name I wonder why Judge. Maybe if your kangaroo court had taken these complaints seriously, I would a) be out of this intolerable housing situation. B) the water company would not be fleecing me of the little I have. C) certain individuals would never again be able to take up public office. d) There might also be an inquiry into why the Local Government Ombudsman and the District Auditors refused to run that scenario the ‘As If One’ and some very serious questions about their role in the scamming of Council Tenants with this rent revenue account.

I wonder if I will ever see mug shots of Rodney Berman, and the previous Chairman of the Council One Russell Goodway being lead down, to reside at her majesties pleasure for a couple a years. Because the previous incumbent failed, in his duty of care, as the Chairman of the Council, to protect this tenant.

Yes one thing maybe said about me is 'at least Crazydave did not go quietly into that goodnight'.

All the Best people in this instance it means that vulnerable adults are no-longer just cash cows for the professional elite.

Love n Light from Crazydave.

P.S. Chief Constable the email sent to Hayley Chislett and the Police Authority with a copy of my Jonathan Morgan a vulnerable adult abuser came back via your system. So I copy pasted that and sent it ‘right back at’cha’ with the subject heading ‘this is an official complaint’. I wonder if Mr. Morgan along with Rodney Berman is to be interviewed under caution, following that missive????????????? Or this one.

ONE MORE THING! I wonder what the water charge is on the mansion house that Jonathan Morgan AM has his offices in is per annum, anybody care to put in a FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST for that from the Conservative party head office, because they sure will not tell me. Here is a shot of that property

Mr. Galloway how is it that the Parliamentary Standards Committee have not got intouch with me? Are they in breech of any parliamentary rules, or don't they exist in Crazydave's case?????????????????